Jumat, 27 November 2009


Many strategies are used to excel in competition. When I first Primagama, only get 2 students, so we tried to find strategies to get a lot of students. Primagama strategy, as we call it a unique touch strategy that is inviting high school students by using the Test Trial UPA / IPS Integrated free. This strategy is carried out, because when the college entrance test will use the test country IPA / IPS Integrated.

Primagama the guidance of the first test that can hold a test trial IPA / IPS Integrated. Because the test trials IPA / IPS Integrated first time, the participants lot. Before the test trials started, we make promotion to the participants, about one of the benefits Primagama than any other test guidance. From the campaign netted 62 students who follow the guidance Primagama test. The next strategy is sntuhan unique Accepted Insurance Program. Acceptable collateral, if the intention is not accepted in State College, does not pay, only pay the registration fee IDR 10,000, - and that is what is called Accepted Security. The idea of Mr. Purdi this, we do not put up the field with Customer Service in two places. First place in Jalan Kapten Tendean No. 7 directly handled Mr. Purdi, and second place at Road Demangan Kidul No. 92, immediately I handle myself. Customer servise handled by who knows all the ins and outs Primagama, from a practical formula to predict the technical problems that will come out in the PTN. We can not imagine, if participants who joined Primagama enormous. Especially after the entry proved State University lot, which was announced in the Daily People's Sovereignty.

Likewise, when I founded the Center for Computer Education and Management IMKI, unique touch strategy that I do is the One Year Professional Program, which is equipped Computer Education Practical Management Education and Entrepreneurship. When there was no computer education one year old. "If you're 1-month computer course, or 3 months only a little, but if you're 1-year course will be banya" I said to the prospective participants of the course. This strategy proved effective.

When I founded STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta stratetgi did I use a unique touch. The weakness that I see, Higher Education in the education of mental attitude. So begins AMIKOM education in the mental attitude of education first. This mental attitude education in AMIKOM known as Super Excellent Training. The training model incorporates Super Camp from Bobby De Potter, Achievement Motivation Training and Training Spiritual Emotional intelligence or intelligence. To maintain this mental attitude, when college students are required to wear a tie, eventually led to "The College Place tie". While education in the knowledge and skills to do with using the facility above average, so the "Excellence in Information Technology Trend". In addition, concentrations are offered including Advertising Television, E-Commerce and Cartoon Film. Unique touch strategy turns out that, once we know the name
Strategy Differentiation or Strategy Positioning.

M. Suyanto

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