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Among the successful entrepreneurs, business opportunities when traveling. Raymond Kroc, the founder and builder of McDonald's Corporation is one of the businessmen who get the opportunity, when he went from his home near Chicago to southern California to see the two biggest clients Multimixer buyers Prince Castle (shaker instrument milk). His client told me that in San Bernardino, there are restaurants that use machines to mix the forty glasses of milk simultaneously. In the case, other restaurants are only able to mix five glasses of milk. Then Kroc went to San Benardino to see the restaurant. Arriving at the two gates of the golden arches of glittering restaurants, which lit up the sky at twilight, and saw the queue of people winding like a snake outside the restaurant octagonal. Through the walls of the building made entirely of glass, Kroc saw the male employees who wear paper hats and white uniforms, were busy in a very clean restaurant, serving burgers in a dish, fries and milk shakes to the families of the working class who arrive by car. "Something must have happened here. This must be the most amazing business operation I have ever seen "said Kroc himself. The restaurant is owned by Maurice and Richard McDonald, who offers a menu of nine types of food, including burgers, fries, milk shakes, and pies by removing seats and paper utensils, glass instead of glass or porcelain. This restaurant design services that are reliable, able to serve the order less than one minute. "This is my future. I feel like a modern-day Newton "he said to himself.

Kroc was convinced that the operation of McDonald brothers can succeed at all if expanded. So the next day, he filed a proposal to the McDonald brothers. These brothers objected, because it has sold franchises in Phoenix and Sacramento with low prices and large profits are not. But Kroc was a veteran salesman with thirty years experience, then finally able to convince Kroc McDonald brothers to sell franchises with a low price, which is 950 dollars. In return, the McDonald brothers. will get 1.4% of all sales and 0.5% return. With approval in hand, Kroc began to fulfill his dream of McDonald's restaurants that exploded from coast to coast. He started by building the first chain restaurant partnership with a model in Des Plaines, Illinois, outside Chicago, which uses a low price strategy is the same, menĂº limited and fast services such as restaurants in San Bernardino. This is the first milestone of success McDonald Corporation, the idea gained when Raymond Kroc traveled.


Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

White Goat

Many people, when experiencing failure in open and run a business, there is a tendency to blame the environment, blaming subordinates, blaming rival, blaming everything associated with the failures. We prefer to fill like goat others than to self-correct our mistakes and improve what we do, and with hard work trying to bounce back. The failure of a lesson used to see the positive side of failure.

Steve Jobs, when thrown from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) rather than blaming Apple corporate environment, which he co-founded. "Put all the power, the new company set up a more sophisticated" said Steve Jobs. He founded the company Inc. NeXTSTEP. The man who just graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. Jobs only lasted one semester at the College of Oregon. Besides, Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas in 1986. This animation studio Jobs in hand after producing some of the other software Reyes (Render Everything You Ever Saw), CAPS (with Disney), Marionette and the Ringmaster. With Marionette, enabling animators create models and characters, and can add optical effects and lighting. While Ringmaster, allows to manage the production of computer animation projects. Almost all of Pixar's software Snatch Technical Academy Award (Oscar) in the field of filmmaking. In collaboration with Disney Toy Story successfully launched, which became the best-selling movie in 1995. Followed Bug's Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters Inc.. (2001), and Finding Nemo (2003). Successful films made by Pixar, Steve Jobs is making to persuade Apple to acquire NeXTSTEP worth U.S. $ 400 million and raised as CEO adinterim. After successfully doing business for the new iPod and iTunes consumer electronics to retail, making Apple the Nasdaq shot from U.S. $ 13 to U.S. $ 22, within 10 months until early February 2004, which makes Steve Jobs as CEO with the highest salary in California. Apple shares (6.2%) and Pixar (55%) which has made Steve Jobs has a wealth of U.S. $ 2.5 billion.

Steve Jobs when he was deposed from the CEO, he does not hurt to Apple, he remained loyal to Apple, even later on instead to build Apple's rise from adversity. Steve Jobs put all the power, the new company set up a more sophisticated, not to scapegoat the environment or other words he did the white goat to the environment.

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Segmentation of the professional community is a community formed to support the professional communication and exchange of valuable work or research related information. For example Analog Devices (www.analog.com) creating a community on-line access of the chip design engineer to technical experts. Linux Documentation Project (www.linuxdoc.org) collecting articles about various linux-related.

Tom's Hardware (www.tomshardware.com) provides information about your computer hardware perangakat, starting from the motherboard to the hard drive. Tom's hardware components pushed Personal Computer (PC) to the limits. Another facility is to help uncover Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Bug chipset. Also became the first in a new processor overclock and help to test the motherboard, graphics card, or RAM. For professionals in the field of photography available site Ofoto (www.ofoto.com). Professionals can obtain the software free photo, get free shipping cost for the first order, are able to provide photos, store photos and perfecting images online.


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Community relations

Community relations is a community organized around the experience of life. For example cancer forum is a forum that contains exchange of information and opinions about the cancer disease (www.cancerforum.com). Moreover Cancer Forum sell and rent domain name related to health. The categories that domain names such as Alzheimers, Arthritis, Asthma, Birth Control, Cancer, Dentistry, Diet, Disease, Drugs, Eye, Fitness, Footcare, Forums, Genetics, Haircare, Heart, Hospitals, Legal, Media, Medicare, Medicine , Non-Home, Pediatrics, Pet / Enimal, Physicians, Resources, Skincare, Specialties, Vaccines and Viruses.

Parent Soup is a forum of sports information for parents and can visit the SeniorNet, Women's Wire and iVillage, which is on-line community known for women. Community relations African-American descent on Bet.com, community relations in Latin www.elsitio.com address community relations and Asian American-occupied www.click2asia.com address. Community relations people with disabilities address at www.wemedia.com.

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