Senin, 30 November 2009

Toss Do Business With Noble

Many entrepreneurs or companies when in a state of recession or in hardship to do with the layoffs of employees, even the government-owned state enterprises were functioning providing employment as a responsibility for implementation of the Constitution, such as PT. Indonesian Aerospace prefer layoffs to employees. But it was not done by the famous clothing company Levi Strauss.

Levi Strauss came from Bavaria. He arrived in New York in 1847 and collaborated with his stepbrother in the business of goods dried. In 1853 Strauss went to San Francisco to build his own business. The opportunity came when one of its customers, Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis, shows an idea of changing his trousers. Result trousers strong and durable, suitable for use when you're a gold miner or a farmer. Davis takes $ 68 to register the design patent. In 1873 Strauss and Davis patented the pants, or "waist-high overalls" was called at that time. Companies increasingly prosperous and when he died, the company has a wealth of Levi Strauss $ 6 million.

The greatest challenge facing the company occurred in 1906, when an earthquake followed by a fire that destroyed the company headquarters and two factories. The actions of Levi Strauss to give credit to customers so they can wholesale up and back in business. Companies continue to pay his employees and a temporary office and showroom is open to give them something to do, while the new headquarters and a factory was built. At the time of great depression, when the CEO Walter Haas Sr.. Stay hiring employees by having them build a new floor at the company factory on Valencia Street in San Francisco and not dismiss them. He argued that workers who are authorized, the people who share the values and aspirations are similar to companies such as managers and owners, will make the company become the market leader. "You can not make people excited or get their support unless the organization has a soul" Haas said. Then provide equal opportunity for African-Americans to work in the factory plant in the 1950s and 1960s, when they expand their business into the southern states. In line with its business development, community of people who embrace their tradition of growing together. Levi-Strauss is now getting 40 percent of its profits from international business and plant products in more than 50 countries around the world. A quarter of employees working outside the United States. Levi Strauss chose to do the noble effort to keep driving up hiring employees when the company was in trouble. By doing noble Lord probably helped. We hope PT. Indonesian Aerospace to do the same.

M. Suyanto


Minggu, 29 November 2009


In addition to opening a business without cash payments in the back, you can also open a business with a payment in advance. Combined with the payments start at the back and the payment in advance is the most ideal. Or office buildings, advertisements, brochures can be obtained by payment in the back, while our customers use the payment in advance. Business of courses, vocational education institutions and even higher education can be done with advance payments strategy.

By the time we open a branch of the Central Computer and Management Education in the street IMKI Abubakar Ali number 20 Kotabaru Yogyakarta, after advertising in the Daily People's Sovereignty which can be paid at the back, finally got 35 students. Then given a public lecture that contains an explanation about material will be taught for one year. Starting from the material to Achievement Motivation Training System Analysis. Suddenly, they ask "Where computer does not exist?". "Look at what it said in the ad?.", I asked. "Computers equipped education practical management education and entrepreneurship," they replied. "You are right. In this first month you will get a practical management education and entrepreneurship, and computer lessons to be continued "I answered, saying to myself" but you also have to pay ". After one month they were satisfied, eventually pay. Of these students my money credited to the computer 12 computer. "That's the computer" I said. "Oh yes the computer has no sir" they said. I smiled and said to myself "that actually your money". So we can operate the business with advance payments, ie payments from our customers.

Even when I'm with my friends from Totalwin Institute of Management in cooperation with Warnbrough University, England. open the MBA program (when it was not banned), enough to provide five-star hotels that can be paid at the rear, then the students pay in advance. The first time, prospective students are collected at one-star hotels are given an explanation of the MBA program from Warnbrough University. Including how much it costs, if you had to courses in the UK. If Indonesia can attend Indonesian use the medium. Thesis only in English in the supervision of the Representative Warnbrough University of Australia. Having finished a public lecture, for those who are interested can provide a down payment USD. 1.000.000, -. From the money can be used to rent the room along with other equipment, so that managers do not spend money. After a minimum of 15 students enrolled, the college immediately began. Thus, hotels and other facilities can be met with advance payments from students. From the results of the MBA program can eventually be used to establish MM Program STIE "ABI" Surabaya. Management Master Program Perhaps the best-selling in Indonesia, because it has a student About a 1000 people.

M. Suyanto


Sabtu, 28 November 2009


Most people assume that building the first brand to use large-scale advertising. Facts prove was that companies have been legendary world of brand building for the first time using public relations (public relations). Public relations involves a variety of programs designed to promote and / or maintain the company image or products. Advertising is needed to maintain the brand to not die, but not to build a brand for the first time.

Public Relations Microsoft uses when it launched its new operating system Windows 95. Windows 95 is not actually a completely new product, but it makes Windows 95 is very easy to use as well as Macintosh. His appearance on August 24, 1995 was a tumultuous day for Windows 95. The Wall Street Journal estimates that 3000 cover story, 6852 story and over 3,000,000 words devoted to Windows 95 from July 1 until August 24. Microsoft teams around the world to do publicity to attract attention. Windows 95 banner hoisted by 600 feet from the Toronto CN tower. Sprinkle red, yellow and green of the Windows 95 logo on the Empire State Building in New York. Paying The London Times's to distribute free of charge all the daily publications, 1.5 million copies to the public. When Windows 95 is sold at 90 dollars, thousands of people lining up to buy it. At the end of the first week, sales in the United States alone reached 108 million dollars. Microsoft to pay 220 million dollars for the Public Relations. Why does Bill Gates spend so much for Public Relations?. There are two possible reasons. First, worry about the defects found in earlier versions of the operating system, computer users may be reluctant to buy it. Microsoft wants to overcome this reluctance. Second, Apple Computer quickly reduce the price of the computer in hopes of selling more Macintosh computers before Windows 95 is similar to the Macintosh operating system on the market. Microsoft wants to stem the flow of Macintosh sales by selling as many Windows 95 packages in the shortest possible time.

Anita Roddick built The Body Shop is a brand of the world without advertising, but do Public Relations all over the world tirelessly to introduce the product. Wal-Mart as the most spectacular corporate world, only slightly out ads. Similarly, Intel, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, Sun Microsystems created the first time in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune, by publicity, not advertising premises. We also started Primagama, IMKI, STMIK AMIKOM, PT Time Excellindo, PT. Vision Surya Mataram, PT Radio MQ FM, PT. GITS, AMIKOM.NET, AMIKOM Traning Center, and by using the Public

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Jumat, 27 November 2009


Many strategies are used to excel in competition. When I first Primagama, only get 2 students, so we tried to find strategies to get a lot of students. Primagama strategy, as we call it a unique touch strategy that is inviting high school students by using the Test Trial UPA / IPS Integrated free. This strategy is carried out, because when the college entrance test will use the test country IPA / IPS Integrated.

Primagama the guidance of the first test that can hold a test trial IPA / IPS Integrated. Because the test trials IPA / IPS Integrated first time, the participants lot. Before the test trials started, we make promotion to the participants, about one of the benefits Primagama than any other test guidance. From the campaign netted 62 students who follow the guidance Primagama test. The next strategy is sntuhan unique Accepted Insurance Program. Acceptable collateral, if the intention is not accepted in State College, does not pay, only pay the registration fee IDR 10,000, - and that is what is called Accepted Security. The idea of Mr. Purdi this, we do not put up the field with Customer Service in two places. First place in Jalan Kapten Tendean No. 7 directly handled Mr. Purdi, and second place at Road Demangan Kidul No. 92, immediately I handle myself. Customer servise handled by who knows all the ins and outs Primagama, from a practical formula to predict the technical problems that will come out in the PTN. We can not imagine, if participants who joined Primagama enormous. Especially after the entry proved State University lot, which was announced in the Daily People's Sovereignty.

Likewise, when I founded the Center for Computer Education and Management IMKI, unique touch strategy that I do is the One Year Professional Program, which is equipped Computer Education Practical Management Education and Entrepreneurship. When there was no computer education one year old. "If you're 1-month computer course, or 3 months only a little, but if you're 1-year course will be banya" I said to the prospective participants of the course. This strategy proved effective.

When I founded STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta stratetgi did I use a unique touch. The weakness that I see, Higher Education in the education of mental attitude. So begins AMIKOM education in the mental attitude of education first. This mental attitude education in AMIKOM known as Super Excellent Training. The training model incorporates Super Camp from Bobby De Potter, Achievement Motivation Training and Training Spiritual Emotional intelligence or intelligence. To maintain this mental attitude, when college students are required to wear a tie, eventually led to "The College Place tie". While education in the knowledge and skills to do with using the facility above average, so the "Excellence in Information Technology Trend". In addition, concentrations are offered including Advertising Television, E-Commerce and Cartoon Film. Unique touch strategy turns out that, once we know the name
Strategy Differentiation or Strategy Positioning.

M. Suyanto


Kamis, 26 November 2009

Demonstrations with Matsushita Style

Matsushita comes from ordinary people and was raised in poverty near the small village of Wakayama. He has seven brothers and sisters. His family had once lived a relatively prosperous, but after his father's business went bankrupt commodity, he lived in poverty. Matsushita left school in 1904 and an apprentice to a charcoal maker. After a career that he became an inspector at the Osaka Electric Light Company, and eventually established his own company, with the name of Matsushita Electric.

Matsushita to produce for the first time is a plug adapter. This adapter has actually proposed to the previous employer but did not receive a response. To create this product, along with four companions Matsushita took four months. After this product so no one was going to buy this product.

Companies start to believe, when he received orders insulator plates. Orders are filled in a timely and high quality products. Of their profits, Matsushita develop innovative Speda lights. Like the adapter products, bike lights are not attractive to retailers. Matsushita then asked the seller to demonstrate to leave a light burning in every store they visit. These demonstrations attract customers, so the business began to walk and is the cornerstone success of Matsushita. In 1932 Matsushita knew already has 1000 employees, 10 factories, and 280 patents. The decision to demonstrate its products to customers is the basis for the beginning of the empire.

Matsushita to build ships and aircraft in the Second World War. In 1958, Matsushita Electric received awards for the quality of factory operations and in 1990, Matsushita bought MCA company. Matsushita has created one of the most famous brands in the world, the Panasonic and has created a 42 billion dollar business. All started with capital from scratch and defeated dreams west industries and use the philosophy of running water.

STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta to attract students, students' work demonstrates to prospective students. Prospective students demonstration how to make television ads, how to create multimedia profiles in Bappenas. Make including cartoon film "Jatayu" and "The Adventures Abdan". Prior described how to make it, the cartoon was screened first. Most prospective students marveling at the students' work is STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta addition STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta demonstrate, how the lecturers to teach through the Super Training Excellence (PSU), for prospective students. More than 90% of prospective students were satisfied with the training and teaching styles dosen.yang very interesting, because previously the lecturers have been given training how good teaching is. Finally they register and become a student STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta.

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Selasa, 24 November 2009

Starting a Business from Travel

IN between successful entrepreneurs, business opportunities when traveling. Raymond Kroc, the founder and builder of McDonald's Corporation is one of the businessmen who get the opportunity, when he went from his home near Chicago to southern California to see the two biggest clients Multimixer buyers Prince Castle (shaker instrument milk).

His client told me that in San Bernardino, there are restaurants that use machines to mix the forty glasses of milk simultaneously. In the case, other restaurants are only able to mix the five glasses of milk. Then Kroc went to San Bernardino to see the restaurant. Arriving at the two gates of the golden arches of glittering restaurants, which lit up the sky at twilight, and saw the queue of people winding like a snake outside the restaurant octagonal.

Through the walls of the building made entirely of glass, Kroc saw the male employees who wear paper hats and white uniforms, were busy in a very clean restaurant, serving burgers in a dish, fries and milk shakes to the families of the working class who arrive by car. "Something must have happened here. This must be the most amazing business operation I have ever seen, "said Kroc himself. The restaurant is owned by Maurice and Richard McDonald, who offers a menu of nine types of food, including burgers, fries, milk shakes, and pies by removing seats and paper utensils, glass instead of glass or porcelain. This restaurant design a reliable service, able to serve the orders less than one minute. "This is my future. I feel like a modern-day Newton "he said to himself.

Kroc was convinced that the operation of McDonald brothers can succeed at all if expanded. So the next day, he filed a proposal to the McDonald brothers. These brothers objected, because it has sold franchises in Phoenix and Sacramento with low prices and large profits are not. But Kroc was a veteran salesman with thirty years experience, then finally able to convince Kroc McDonald brothers to sell franchises with a low price, which is 950 dollars. In return, the McDonald brothers would get 1.4% of all sales and 0.5% return. With approval in hand, Kroc began to fulfill his dream of McDonald's restaurants that exploded from coast to coast. He started by building the first chain restaurant partnership with make a model in Des Plaines, Illinois, outside Chicago, which uses a low price strategy is the same, limited menu and fast service like a restaurant in San Bernardino. This is the first milestone of success McDonald Corporation, the idea gained when Raymond Kroc traveled.

M Suyanto



Hobby is something he likes. You can start a business from a hobby. Many successful entrepreneurs started from a hobby. In the science of psychology of success, the success of the 2000 study, found 80 percent are people who loved what he did. Factors like the success of energy presents a tremendous impetus. Like Bill Gates; as a young man has a hobby of computers and do it with diligence, to become a successful business and the richest in the world.

Mooryati Soedibyo start a business from a hobby. "As the Princess Palace since I was familiar with herbal medicine and love to make herbal medicine. I made herbal health care for themselves and family. I also used to help my friends to make herbal medicine before the wedding day needs, herbal medicine for before and after childbirth, and so on. This is all I do is familial or social only. After moving to Jakarta, was still a lot of friends who like to order my herbal medicine, and they provide a replacement cost of medicinal materials are. "Mother said Mooryati Soedibyo, founder and owner of PT. Mustika Ratu. At first he made herbal medicine for health care in the form of fresh drinks, such as kencur rice, turmeric, tamarind, and so on. Only then did she make the other herbs according to your needs and requests. Now PT.Mustika Queen has helped reduce unemployment, with around 3000 hiring of labor. This business also became the pride of Indonesia as one of the top quality products are based, are made, and the resources generated from Indonesia, who favored abroad.

Similarly, Martha Tilaar start a business from a hobby too. Martha Tilaar like small children, because until the age of 40 years do not have kids. Also encouraged because the scholarship of $ 250 per month to lecture at Indiana University, is not enough to live together. So Martha Tilaar opening daycare business. Marketing made the announcement in with against Indiana University campus whose contents "I am a Baby Sitter, willing to accommodate infants and children". The result came 13 foster children ranging from infants to the already sitting in elementary school. They entrust their children, as a class. From this child care business, Martha Tilaar obtain her husband's income exceeds the scholarship. From the results of this effort, used to go to the Academy of Beauty Culture in Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from beauty school, Martha Tilaar announced on campus is no longer a baby sitter, but as a beauty expert on call to serve beauty. Calls flooded Martha Tilaar new business. In 1972, after returning from America, his parents' garage narrow, transformed into a beauty salon with the name Martha's Salon. Martha Tilaar introduce mixed traditional herbal medicine alone in salonnya and he as a guinea pig. Proved fruitless. As he waited for the birth of her baby, abruptly canceled his partner cooperation, expressed out to establish their own business. These bitter memories, he was grateful to "God is great. I have a baby, but my efforts failed ". But from this failure, Martha change a success it is today. Even Matha Tilaar is the only woman in Indonesia who John Naisbitt in his book "Megatrends Asia".

M Suyanto


Minggu, 22 November 2009


You can start a business with the skills you have, such as Soichiro Honda. Starting from his expertise as a mechanic, eventually succeed Soichiro Honda. Soichiro Honda's first job at the Tokyo auto mechanic in 1922 after leaving school. He only attended for eight years. Children's new 15-year-old from a small town, be proud of the 10 car repair at crowded. He was appointed as an assistant mechanic, but his work sometimes as a "baby-sitter" the boy is the owner of the shop. Honda dream to become a car mechanic and he never got the chance .. He was frustrated, then packed his bags and quit his job and left the big city. Six months later, the shop needed, he was called to help fix the car, finally opened opportunity for him to achieve his dream.

Like other countries, Japan was hit by a large depression in the 1930s. In 1938, Soichiro Honda was a student, when he started to open the workshop and developed the concept of ring-shaped piston. He plans to offer the idea to Toyota was working day and night, often sleeping in the garage. He always believes that he can refine the design and produce a useful product. To start a business using capital in the form of jewelry from his wife. When the draft was made sempel and offered to Toyota, the piston does not meet the standards. The technicians laugh at his design. Despite the failure, he remained firm to his guns. After two years redesigning survive and, eventually won a contract from Toyota. Then Soichiro Honda built a factory to meet demand for Toyota. But in the bomb factory twice during the war to become messy. He remains determined to fulfill his dream to build a factory, but once again the factory was destroyed by a massive earthquake.

After the war finished, there is a shortage of fuel, forcing people to walk or use bicycles. Honda makes small engines and can be installed on the bike, but the difficulty of material, so that does not meet the demand. Honda wrote a letter to 18,000 bicycle shop owner, but the results just get a little money. However, with these makeshift money, he makes small engines for bicycles. In the first model, takes place in order to work properly, so he developed and constantly adapted to alhirnya produce small engines. 'The Super Cub "into reality and success. Success in Japan, Honda began exporting to Europe and America

In the 1970s, fuel scarcity, then in the United States shifted from large vehicles to smaller vehicles. Honda quickly capture this trend. Now, Honda Corporation has a staff of more than 100,000 people in the United States and Japan, 43 perbisnisan subordinated in 28 countries, which is one of the largest vehicle perbisnisan in the world and become perbisnisan ranking 26 of the most amazing world in 2003.

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Sabtu, 21 November 2009


Many argue that to open a business takes a very creative ideas and innovative. That is not true of Michael Dell, he opened a business with a simple idea that is not selling computers to selling brokers but directly to consumers. He cut off the middlemen, thus the price of a PC can be suppressed. Michael Dell started the business with a capital of $ 1000, and doing marketing through the "Mail Order" within 16 years of sales increased from 6 million to $ 36.9 billion dollars. Dell Computer to open branch offices abroad in London in 1987. Now has opened offices around the world with employees reached 40,000 people.

However Dell Computer does not travel smoothly. In 1993, Compaq which at the time as leader of the PC sales market, put through a price cut to compete with Dell. The result of Dell Computer loses 65 million dollars in the first six months, which caused nearly bankrupt. Finally, Dell made a very fundamental change in the so-called business process re -engineering in the business with the introduction of E-Commerce. Dell began to rely on speed. In 1999, order a PC from Dell today, tomorrow has been submitted. Whereas for the complex system delivered at most 5 days.

Other innovations are assembling a computer after order. Dell's mass customization approach that is produced in large numbers, thus reducing the production cost per unit. Dell put parts store run by suppliers, which is located 15 minutes from the factory and transportation arranged by e-mail and made quickly. Dell provides a rapid servant by performing communication via e-mail and Web sites. PCs from Dell in the same test with the network testing and cooperation with other suppliers that can reduce the test period of 60 - 90 days to just 15 days. Dell monitor employee productivity and return on investment (ROI) on an ongoing basis.

Dell has introduced the E-Commerce in the business. Most customers do transaction through e-Commerce. Customers can also access detailed diagram of the computer and get information about troubleshooting. By using the pricing and product configuration online, it can eliminate the work, so as Dell can save 15% administrative fee. For the biggest buyers, such as Easman Chemical, Monsanto and Wells Fargo, Dell made the business Web page that can access Dell's E-Commerce, which allows employees to order quickly and easily. By using this strategy Dell can sell at a price below its competitors .. In 1999, Dell can sell 1.7 million dollars per day on the website E-Commerce. Dell shares rose 2000 percent in two years. Dell can compete with world-class business such as IBM, Compaq, HP, and Bell-Nec. Even the market share and profits continue to rise and eventually became the largest PC seller in the world.

In 2001, Dell Computer is an amazing world business ranked 23 and an amazing world business ranked 4th in 2003. Dell get real benefits from the use of E-Commerce. Dell's success story is a success story that is hard to believe, but real and came from a simple idea.

M. Suyanto

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Jumat, 20 November 2009

Start a Business Of Events

Variety of ways to start a business. One way to start a business is through an event, as did Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie doll. This doll is a toy that children of the world's most successful. Barbie taken from the name of the daughter of Ruth Handler, which is Barbara Millicent Roberts. This doll business started when Mrs. Handler watched her daughter play with paper dolls. Mrs-Handler then thought to make the doll a more permanent and realistic. Mrs-Handler is the wife of one of the founders of Mattel. In modern management, the Barbie doll that can be lasting is a strange thing. According to Ian Ritchie from the Oxford Group consultant who has worked with business toys Hasbro, find the key lessons from the business of children's toys. Placing a child's toy to the market as quickly as possible is very important. Time required from an idea to plastered on the shelves of toy stores, children can be a difference between success and failure. In the marketing world doll timing must be absolutely right. To achieve success should follow the trend doll movies, books, stories, or the latest television series.

Barbie is a universal product and usually standardized. There are also a number of diverse costumes. More than 100 new costumes added each year. Because this, Barbie is a woman Renaisansi, successful career woman, a member of rock band and football world cup for women.

The next success was when he decided a male friend of Barbie, is Ken. Ken creation is actually an accident, but it produces the expansion of exceptional brands. Ken was introduced in 1961, who hid behind, possibly he was glad to see Barbie success in various aspects of life. Introduction Ken has laid the foundation for the entire set of extensions which maintain the Barbie brand remains the center of attention.

The next friend is Midge Barbie raised in 1963, then sister Barbie, the skipper in 1964, followed in 1968, Christie's, a black friend. In 1988, Barbie had a confidant, a friend of Teresa and Hispanic. The next friend is Kira, a friend of Asia which was launched in 1992. Barbie baby sister Kelly and the smallest is Becky, who was in a wheelchair who was introduced in 1997. Now Barbie has an 15,000 combined with changing his clothes, his eyes, the color, but not to replace the leg.

Likewise, Elton John, created the song "Candle In The Wind II" in the event of the death of Lady Diana. The song was successful, because in one month sold 32 million copies. Even in 1997, keeping VCD containing Candle In The Wid II, as The Best Product of the year 1997.

M. Suyanto

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Kamis, 19 November 2009


From his job as a technical guru SMK Negeri 3 Ciamis, Mr. Tatang Handapherang Marta from Village, District Handapherang, Ciamis regency, West Java to start a business making wood waste of various kinds of souvenirs. Waste from mahogany, pine, rosewood to be a coconut trunk watch boxes, sticks, small flower vase, wall clock shaped like a watch, a jar, place matches, bowls, ladle the soup until the pencil desk. He just wants to waste wood that had been treated less well still, can be more useful. At first Mr. Tatang business started ridiculed by local communities and fellow teachers. Even thought the contribution beggar when Mr. Tatang find the remains of wood from the factory to factory, and gazing at me quizzically, and was called "Mang" by the manufacturer. After knowing Mr. Tatang was a teacher, only those people apologized and replaced it with a call "sir". But the biggest and oldest problems faced Tatang Paka is a matter of marketing. "Souvenir from a small village who wants to buy?. Want to be taken to the city I have not had a friend who has a shop or showroom to display my goods. More is no longer possible I like to sell around fish or vegetables, "Mr. Tatang. Eventually he followed the show and left business cards on his fellow craftsmen / entrepreneurs who met at the exhibition. "Thank God, from which buyers finally began more as a way of escape from the marketing problem," Mr. Tatang. Than just interested in their last exhibition invites cooperation and even finally found an agent who markets to foreign goods. That was the beginning of the most successful businesses, ridiculed and gazing with a cynical view. Now-made goods Mr. Tatang interest not only in the country, but to foreign countries, such as America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore to the Middle East.

I will finish when my final assignment in Physics FMIPA UGM, which calculates the phase angle of scattering of atoms by using numerical methods, so I worked with a computer. From the work I do is create IMKI Computer Education Center in 1988. I started from one of my Apple credit. Every business is always a resistance, that is, when for three months can not pay in the Apple computers, so that the computer was withdrawn by crediting my place. How to deal with students who course?. I say "This week we learn the theory first, God willing, next week we practice again". That was the last weapon I have to make IMKI students persist. The beginning of a business usually starts from the difficulties, threats and even failures, but how to make it into an opportunity and can learn from the failure to achieve success in the future. Opportunities that arise when it is the Computer Professionals Program, One Year, the first in Yogyakarta and early escape from the difficulties currently Computer Education Center already has 12 branches and has about 2000 students students. From IMKI is STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta begins. You can also start a business from the work you have done.

M. Suyanto

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Rabu, 18 November 2009


Apart from the education that you live, you can start a business from the work you have done. Reuben Mattus started the business from a job as a child. He arrived in the United States from Poland in 1921. When it was 8 years old and with his mother who was a widow. To make money, mother Mattus sold lemon ice from a squeezed lemon and Mattus help. In 1932, he founded the company Senator Frozen Products in the Bronx and in the late 1950s to build an ice cream Company Ciro's being marketed through grocery stores and liquor stores. Then he had the idea to enter into supermarkets, but supermarkets are not asking for incentives can be met by Ciro.s. Mattus not easily discouraged, he then create a luxury brand of ice cream made from real fruit, natural ingredients and are marketed through the imaginative use of the name smells of Danish "Haage-Dazs" as the perfect way to differentiate a brand new with its competitors. Three flavors Haagen Dazs, which first appeared is a sense of Vanilla, chocolate and coffee and sold in food stores in New York.

Community positively welcomed the ice and only in a few weeks other stores throughout the United States to send a reservation for this new ice cream. Of-mouth marketing is enough to improve the distribution of these products to the urban centers and cities and universities in the Northeast region. People across America sent a letter asking how to get Haagen Dazs near where he lived. Some even volunteering to distribute this product. Mattus girls then proposed the idea to open a shop selling only brand Haagen Dazs. The first store opened in Brooklyn and opened a new era for this brand and was followed in major cities across America. In the year 1982, has been to expand into Canada and also cooperation with leading food companies and has crossed the Atlantic to Europe. The Europeans are welcomed with enthusiasm ice.

Eugene Schueller also started the business from his job as a chemist. As a chemist who was young, he managed to make hair dye formula which he calls innovative "aureole". Then Schueller founded the company called "Franncaise Societe de Teentures Inoffensives pour Cheveux" in the year 1909, which eventually became "L'Oreal". Schueller principles used to achieve success is to research and innovation which focuses on beauty. Starting from a small company and he himself as a chemical expert, just 11 years later added 3 chemist and is now approaching 2000 chemists employed. Schueller sell these products at the beginning to the hairdresser in Paris. Five years later, L'Oreal products have been found in the Netherlands, Austria and Italy. A few years later, through distributing agents and their representatives to the United States, Russia and Asia. Now, L'Oreal products have been present in the whole world and L'Oreal, including companies that are most remarkable in France and ranked 23 amazing world of Fortune magazine.

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Pierre Omidyar started the business with a computer science degree. He is interested in the development of different technologies for consumer products, and he loved the idea that would take the concept in every way through product delivery to consumers, showing their reactions and then modify it. Internet gives you a place to do it, because you can publish quickly the software, you can get a reaction from your customers quickly and you know if a mistake is fast. He thinks, how the auction in Paris, the participants do not have to go to Paris, but quite at home or at their office. Finally Omidyar founded the company in the Internet auction with the name eBay in 1995. Prior to Omidyar founded eBay eSharp founded with her friend, which gives the experience as an entrepreneur. eBay is a company that relies on trust. Imagine! People want to pay what at auction with only seen a picture of it. Without trust this company will not run. Net income more than three times to reach 1.35 million dollars in the third quarter of 1999, with sales rising to 58.5 million dollars. The number of registration at the eBay site increased from 5.6 million to 7.7 million compared with the previous quarter and up 1.3 million dollars in the same period the previous year. Selling value of goods on the web site jumped from 195 million to $ 741 million dollars. eBay is the best auction company in the Internet in the year 2002 version of Yahoo magazine.

Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop in 1976 in the garage. He founded the business because of his education, that is history. "Historical study of myth and legend. About what makes you great. What separates you and me make history as an entrepreneur "says Anita Roddick. With a history that he finally loved environment makes the concept of "natural", made of pure ingredients, not tested on animals and friendly to the environment as well as native herbs which they come. With almost no advertising but with a very massive publicity, The Body Shop has become one of the legendary brands of the world.

Ir. Ciputra start a business with education in the field of architecture and property, because he was an alumnus of Architecture Department ITB in 1960. Ciputra now as President Director of PT Ciputra Development (CD) and President Commissioner of PT Jaya Realty (JR) and which was crowned as the best public CEO Magazine in 1997 Swa Sembada.

After completing my Masters in Education Management with friends founded the Program for Master of Business Administration in cooperation with the West Coast Institute of Management and Technology, Australia and Warnbrough University, United Kingdom before there were rules about the MBA program. After the rules were later established in the Master of Management Program STIE "Bodi Artha Iswara" Surabaya. Currently Master of Management Program students are approximately 1000 students, perhaps a Master of Management Program the largest number of students in Indonesia. So You can also start a business with your education and when I was in college.

M. Suyanto

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Minggu, 15 November 2009


Many who complain, that to open a business has no chance. This is a classic complaint that we can not hear anymore. In fact to start a business we can do a variety of ways, one with the education we have.

Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo founders started the business by using his education. They are students at Stanford University. Yahoo starts from the back of this parking lot is now growing rapidly. Jerry Yang and David Filo started the business from small and simple things. Jerry Yang Yahoo illustrates that the discovery is "an accident" when he and Filo finish his thesis. Yang and Filo started Yahoo as they are sitting on the bench college, before they finish college. They started doing business with a website listing some of their favorite and write some software that allows a website to get other web sites that will be placed on the so-called web portals. At the time established in 1994, called Terry's Guide To The World Wide Web. When they learned that their sites are visited by people from 90 countries, spontaneously say "Yahoo" and ultimately that's the word used to name their company. In 1999, Yahoo reached star status. Net income quadrupled in the fourth quarter of 57.6 million dollars, while revenues jumped from 91 million to $ 201 million dollars. Now Yahoo is the best portal in 2002.

Kiichiro Toyoda is the son of the founder of Toyoda Spinning & Weaving Co., which moves in the field of automatic loom. After completing his engineering studies, he decided to start a business by transforming the company into the production car and change the company name from Toyoda to Toyota in 1936. Kiichiro Toyoda became President of the Toyota company until 1950. The first car produced was then Model AA Model Crown. Offices in foreign countries first established in Taiwan and then Saudi Arabia. The program the company began producing forklift trucks (tub / trailer), which makes the company the number one in the world in this market. These trucks entering the U.S. market in 1958 and the British market in 1965. Model Crown but failed to enter the U.S., because the car is designed for the Japanese market, are not designed for walking in the American highway. Finally Toyota Corolla in 1968 and achieve success so that it can shift the Volkswagen as the number one imported car in America. Even through the heart of the city took the Americans with General Motors to make Toyota cars in America. Camry is the most successful car sales in the United States in 1997. Toyota is now extended to other areas of business, namely financial services, telecommunications, housing, machinery navy, recreational boats, parts distribution and aviation services. Toyota is now number three car maker in the world after General Motors and Ford. Toyota has sold 5 million vehicles per year.

M. Suyanto

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Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Obsolescence Strategic Management

The emergence of Strategic Intent, which is a strategy based on a dream or vision, which makes the Management Strategy pride in the business school became obsolete. Strategic Intent have foresight, but only oriented Strategic Management today.

In Strategy Management or Strategic Planning or Corporate or Plannning, how to deal with your opponent is always to underestimate what a company owned by now. At business schools Strategic Management is the culmination of knowledge that combines all the knowledge management. Starting with a set mission, SWOT analysis, which contains internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats, set goals, develop strategies, design programs, implement and evaluate programs. Although a mission, but more oriented to the problems seen this emotion than the opportunities and threats in the future. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of internal and external opportunities and threats using the current time. Likewise, in setting goals, developing strategies, designing programs, implementing and evaluating programs. If the orientation of the current time, the company will not be able to succeed with a jump, but only slowly creeping. Matshusita not be able to run after Sony.

While the mission of Strategic Intent setting, SWOT analysis, which contains the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats, set goals, develop strategies, design programs, implement and evaluate programs oriented to time be dating.

In the Strategic intent, dreams and imagination must have an obsession to succeed and should be achieved gradually. Canon Xerox to win the market with an obsession, gradual and controlled. Initially Canon Xerox took a license to enter the market, then develop their own research and development, and find their own technology and eventually enter the Japanese and European markets that Xerox is not so dominant.

To set the target at a particular competitor is sometimes difficult, it can set the target a little more common competitors, as done by the NEC in the early 1970s, with the target computer and telecommunications industries. To make this dream a strategy based on emotions that do not use blindly. Start with the most likely done. For example this year in improving customer service, next year to improve the quality of products, the year after entry into the global market and so on.

M. Suyanto

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Jumat, 13 November 2009

Strategy Pursuit Dream

To manage the dream you can do by creating a dream and trying to catch up. While at this writing, how the strategy is to pursue the dream?. The concept of strategy to pursue Hammel and Prahalad strategy to pursue the dream (vision) called the Strategic Intent.

Formulation of a strategy to pursue the dream (vision) developed gradually and is consistent. This strategy should have a vision that will achieve a minimum of ten years to come. Dominate the market for Sony, Wal-Mart, Chrysler, Microsoft, General Electric, Cola-Cola and other admirable companies using strategic intent.

Chairman Sony, Akito Morita noted that young people like to listen to music wherever they go. Morita draw conclusions from the facts without the need for research, but thinking far ahead without a known community, which created the Walkman. Brilliant market design is not a coincidence. Morita and Sony's success is finding the markets future, not the current market, that is by describing what he called "pioneering spirit". Morita said, "Sony is a pioneer and was never intended to follow the others. Through progress, Sony wants to serve the whole world. Sony will always be the inventor of the unknown ". While Wal-Mart to pursue a dream with his discount, Chrysler in the minivan, Microsoft with Windows.

Intent strategy formulated in stages and more challenging if there are challengers. Salt, Suzuki
challenging honda, Marriot Hotel challenging Hilton and so forth. In pursuing the strategy of this dream, the future is not only conceivable, but it must be built. So the architect who created the necessary things that have not been created. Combination of leaders and implementers. In the implementation of strategies based on this dream requires the Strategic Architecture, which is a combination of the future of knowledge (information architecture), behavior, values and structures (social architecture) and financial architecture. Strategic Architecture as the blueprint for the spread of the high level of new functionality, the acquisition of new competencies, or the migration of existing competencies and reconstruct an intermediary with the customer.

In a strategic intent, the dream must have an obsession to succeed and should be achieved gradually. In implementing this strategy requires pursuing the dream of strategic architecture, which is a combination of the future of knowledge (information architecture), behavior, values and structures (social architecture) and financial architecture.

M. Suyanto

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Kamis, 12 November 2009


Dreams are the images of events or anything that appeared in his sleep. Dream is to see something in the bed or fantasize something unattainable. But now can we define the dream is still fantasize what might be achieved although there is no picture or how to achieve it is very difficult to achieve. While imagination is the imagination or delusion or fantasy. Basically, dreams and imagination are imaginary.

According to Gary Hammel and CKPrahalad, dreams and imagination is the source of energy move an organizational strength. In the management literature of dreams and imagination called vision. Motorola dream to create a world without wires, telephone not in place and all men will pocketed a portable phone. Bill Gates dream of "A computer on every desk in every home, running Microsoft device". Bill Gates created the operating system MS-DOS, it makes Windows that causes Bill Gates became the world's richest entrepreneurs.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of, which is the best store on the Internet in 2002 version of Yahoo magazine. Why is he named his company with Amazon?. Because "the Amazon River is the largest river in the world" said Jeff Bezos. What about the river Nile?. River Nile is the longest river in the world. Amazon river contains water 20% of the world, the dream of Jeff Bezos about his company would become the company that controls 20% of the world market. to open the E-Commerce site in July 1995, to sell 15.7 million dollars in 1996 and jumped to 600 million dollars in 1998. reported on November 1 until December 23, 2002, consumers who do order in the world 56 million items.

When I was with my friends founded AMIKOM Yogyakarta, I dreamed of 10 years will be the best Universities in Indonesia Computer. Perhaps those who saw the building as a house, because it's home, then people will
laugh sarcastically. But now with the 4219 student and Diploma III Information Management majors accredited "A", the first in Indonesia by building grand enough, and air-conditioned, the former will change snickered cynically laugh no longer, and some even laugh because amazed. that is true dreams and imagination of an entrepreneur is sometimes ridiculed by other people, because of weirdness. But really dreams and imagination is a prayer. The best way to manage your dreams and imagination is to create a dream and the imagination itself.

M. Suyanto

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Coca-Cola was first made in Atlanta, Georgia, by a pharmacist named John Pemberton Styth. Drink made from tree leaves in South America and seeds from West Africa as well as caramel, phosphoric acid and a combination of seven images of natural taste with a well kept secret until now. Coca-Cola name and written in italics are interesting proposed by Frank Robinson who is the holder Bookkeeping Pemberton. Although Coca-Cola was first created in the United States, but in the year 1906 had opened the bottle factory in Canada, Cuba and Panama, and soon followed in other countries. Coca-Cola is now producing more than 300 brands in more than 200 countries. More than 70% revenue came from outside the United States, which shows that Coca-Cola is a truly global company. In the year 2003, Coca-Cola Company elected as the Most Amazing World ranked 9th version of Fortune magazine.

Coca-Cola had failed in the first year sales. Sales conducted by placing a Coca-Cola in the beverage in the pharmacy at a price of 5 cents per glass and 73.96 dollars spent to promote through the distribution of thousands of banners and ads that offer coupons for free drinks. The result on the average 6 glasses per day, resulting in 50 dollars in revenue that first year. Thus a loss in the first year. Failure to make Coca-Cola create awareness of other media, the mass media has more power when compared to other media and promote Coca-Cola with the atmosphere of joy. At the Atlanta Journal Coca-Cola displays the slogan "Coca-Cola. Delicious! Refreshing! Fun! Exciting! Drink Soda Pop Top, contain ingredients that wonderful Coca plant and the famous Cola nut it ". Georgia school report includes Coke ad which states that the drink is "delicious and refreshing".

The success of Coca-Cola stood out as a clever promotion through the bottle design competition in 1915. Winners of the competition is Root Glass Company. "We need a bottle in which someone would know him as the Coca-Cola even as he felt it in the dark" said Asa Candler, who was then serving as president of Coke. Coca-Cola bottle to distinguish the brand and increase brand identity and maintained until 1955, just after the Coca-Cola is available in cans.

Coca-Cola's greatness is the ability to target the right markets, make product placement a good position, maintaining product quality, packaging mernacang can distinguish with other beverages, manages an extraordinary distribution, promotion of a positive association and use the sale as well as the modus operandi involves community and local initiatives.

M. Suyanto

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Senin, 09 November 2009

Quicker Opening Email in Linux Using Mozilla Thunder Bird

open the email to take long?
Normal we feel bored and irritated at the time of our connection down again and we want to open the email. Here I will give you tips for a busy person and always check their email. As in Windows with Microsoft Outlook on the linux with Mozilla Thunderbird.

The way it is:

1. You must to have Mozilla Thunderbird, if you do not have please download here.
2. Open mozilla thunderbird
3. ApplicationInternetMozilla Thunderbird
4. Select email (if your email Gmail then select Gmail)
5. Enter your name and email address
6. Finish
7. Insert your email password
8. Click Get mail to see your email.

Now you can more quickly to open your email. You do not need a long time to open the email.
Hopefully this short tips will be useful for a friend - all friends.
Thank you.