Kamis, 12 November 2009


Dreams are the images of events or anything that appeared in his sleep. Dream is to see something in the bed or fantasize something unattainable. But now can we define the dream is still fantasize what might be achieved although there is no picture or how to achieve it is very difficult to achieve. While imagination is the imagination or delusion or fantasy. Basically, dreams and imagination are imaginary.

According to Gary Hammel and CKPrahalad, dreams and imagination is the source of energy move an organizational strength. In the management literature of dreams and imagination called vision. Motorola dream to create a world without wires, telephone not in place and all men will pocketed a portable phone. Bill Gates dream of "A computer on every desk in every home, running Microsoft device". Bill Gates created the operating system MS-DOS, it makes Windows that causes Bill Gates became the world's richest entrepreneurs.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon.com, which is the best store on the Internet in 2002 version of Yahoo magazine. Why is he named his company with Amazon?. Because "the Amazon River is the largest river in the world" said Jeff Bezos. What about the river Nile?. River Nile is the longest river in the world. Amazon river contains water 20% of the world, the dream of Jeff Bezos about his company would become the company that controls 20% of the world market. Amazon.com to open the E-Commerce site in July 1995, to sell 15.7 million dollars in 1996 and jumped to 600 million dollars in 1998. Amazon.com reported on November 1 until December 23, 2002, consumers who do order in the world 56 million items.

When I was with my friends founded AMIKOM Yogyakarta, I dreamed of 10 years will be the best Universities in Indonesia Computer. Perhaps those who saw the building as a house, because it's home, then people will
laugh sarcastically. But now with the 4219 student and Diploma III Information Management majors accredited "A", the first in Indonesia by building grand enough, and air-conditioned, the former will change snickered cynically laugh no longer, and some even laugh because amazed. that is true dreams and imagination of an entrepreneur is sometimes ridiculed by other people, because of weirdness. But really dreams and imagination is a prayer. The best way to manage your dreams and imagination is to create a dream and the imagination itself.

M. Suyanto

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