Senin, 09 November 2009

Quicker Opening Email in Linux Using Mozilla Thunder Bird

open the email to take long?
Normal we feel bored and irritated at the time of our connection down again and we want to open the email. Here I will give you tips for a busy person and always check their email. As in Windows with Microsoft Outlook on the linux with Mozilla Thunderbird.

The way it is:

1. You must to have Mozilla Thunderbird, if you do not have please download here.
2. Open mozilla thunderbird
3. ApplicationInternetMozilla Thunderbird
4. Select email (if your email Gmail then select Gmail)
5. Enter your name and email address
6. Finish
7. Insert your email password
8. Click Get mail to see your email.

Now you can more quickly to open your email. You do not need a long time to open the email.
Hopefully this short tips will be useful for a friend - all friends.
Thank you.

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