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Strategy Pursuit Dream

To manage the dream you can do by creating a dream and trying to catch up. While at this writing, how the strategy is to pursue the dream?. The concept of strategy to pursue Hammel and Prahalad strategy to pursue the dream (vision) called the Strategic Intent.

Formulation of a strategy to pursue the dream (vision) developed gradually and is consistent. This strategy should have a vision that will achieve a minimum of ten years to come. Dominate the market for Sony, Wal-Mart, Chrysler, Microsoft, General Electric, Cola-Cola and other admirable companies using strategic intent.

Chairman Sony, Akito Morita noted that young people like to listen to music wherever they go. Morita draw conclusions from the facts without the need for research, but thinking far ahead without a known community, which created the Walkman. Brilliant market design is not a coincidence. Morita and Sony's success is finding the markets future, not the current market, that is by describing what he called "pioneering spirit". Morita said, "Sony is a pioneer and was never intended to follow the others. Through progress, Sony wants to serve the whole world. Sony will always be the inventor of the unknown ". While Wal-Mart to pursue a dream with his discount, Chrysler in the minivan, Microsoft with Windows.

Intent strategy formulated in stages and more challenging if there are challengers. Salt, Suzuki
challenging honda, Marriot Hotel challenging Hilton and so forth. In pursuing the strategy of this dream, the future is not only conceivable, but it must be built. So the architect who created the necessary things that have not been created. Combination of leaders and implementers. In the implementation of strategies based on this dream requires the Strategic Architecture, which is a combination of the future of knowledge (information architecture), behavior, values and structures (social architecture) and financial architecture. Strategic Architecture as the blueprint for the spread of the high level of new functionality, the acquisition of new competencies, or the migration of existing competencies and reconstruct an intermediary with the customer.

In a strategic intent, the dream must have an obsession to succeed and should be achieved gradually. In implementing this strategy requires pursuing the dream of strategic architecture, which is a combination of the future of knowledge (information architecture), behavior, values and structures (social architecture) and financial architecture.

M. Suyanto

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Herman Sahari mengatakan...

Stop dreaming start action, said a master of business online. maybe that's the words correctly in order to achieve our dreams and be a great way to fight competitors who have.
But it would be better if we can dream intensively and then acted intensively too.

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