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Start a Business Of Events

Variety of ways to start a business. One way to start a business is through an event, as did Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie doll. This doll is a toy that children of the world's most successful. Barbie taken from the name of the daughter of Ruth Handler, which is Barbara Millicent Roberts. This doll business started when Mrs. Handler watched her daughter play with paper dolls. Mrs-Handler then thought to make the doll a more permanent and realistic. Mrs-Handler is the wife of one of the founders of Mattel. In modern management, the Barbie doll that can be lasting is a strange thing. According to Ian Ritchie from the Oxford Group consultant who has worked with business toys Hasbro, find the key lessons from the business of children's toys. Placing a child's toy to the market as quickly as possible is very important. Time required from an idea to plastered on the shelves of toy stores, children can be a difference between success and failure. In the marketing world doll timing must be absolutely right. To achieve success should follow the trend doll movies, books, stories, or the latest television series.

Barbie is a universal product and usually standardized. There are also a number of diverse costumes. More than 100 new costumes added each year. Because this, Barbie is a woman Renaisansi, successful career woman, a member of rock band and football world cup for women.

The next success was when he decided a male friend of Barbie, is Ken. Ken creation is actually an accident, but it produces the expansion of exceptional brands. Ken was introduced in 1961, who hid behind, possibly he was glad to see Barbie success in various aspects of life. Introduction Ken has laid the foundation for the entire set of extensions which maintain the Barbie brand remains the center of attention.

The next friend is Midge Barbie raised in 1963, then sister Barbie, the skipper in 1964, followed in 1968, Christie's, a black friend. In 1988, Barbie had a confidant, a friend of Teresa and Hispanic. The next friend is Kira, a friend of Asia which was launched in 1992. Barbie baby sister Kelly and the smallest is Becky, who was in a wheelchair who was introduced in 1997. Now Barbie has an 15,000 combined with changing his clothes, his eyes, the color, but not to replace the leg.

Likewise, Elton John, created the song "Candle In The Wind II" in the event of the death of Lady Diana. The song was successful, because in one month sold 32 million copies. Even in 1997, keeping VCD containing Candle In The Wid II, as The Best Product of the year 1997.

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