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Hobby is something he likes. You can start a business from a hobby. Many successful entrepreneurs started from a hobby. In the science of psychology of success, the success of the 2000 study, found 80 percent are people who loved what he did. Factors like the success of energy presents a tremendous impetus. Like Bill Gates; as a young man has a hobby of computers and do it with diligence, to become a successful business and the richest in the world.

Mooryati Soedibyo start a business from a hobby. "As the Princess Palace since I was familiar with herbal medicine and love to make herbal medicine. I made herbal health care for themselves and family. I also used to help my friends to make herbal medicine before the wedding day needs, herbal medicine for before and after childbirth, and so on. This is all I do is familial or social only. After moving to Jakarta, was still a lot of friends who like to order my herbal medicine, and they provide a replacement cost of medicinal materials are. "Mother said Mooryati Soedibyo, founder and owner of PT. Mustika Ratu. At first he made herbal medicine for health care in the form of fresh drinks, such as kencur rice, turmeric, tamarind, and so on. Only then did she make the other herbs according to your needs and requests. Now PT.Mustika Queen has helped reduce unemployment, with around 3000 hiring of labor. This business also became the pride of Indonesia as one of the top quality products are based, are made, and the resources generated from Indonesia, who favored abroad.

Similarly, Martha Tilaar start a business from a hobby too. Martha Tilaar like small children, because until the age of 40 years do not have kids. Also encouraged because the scholarship of $ 250 per month to lecture at Indiana University, is not enough to live together. So Martha Tilaar opening daycare business. Marketing made the announcement in with against Indiana University campus whose contents "I am a Baby Sitter, willing to accommodate infants and children". The result came 13 foster children ranging from infants to the already sitting in elementary school. They entrust their children, as a class. From this child care business, Martha Tilaar obtain her husband's income exceeds the scholarship. From the results of this effort, used to go to the Academy of Beauty Culture in Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from beauty school, Martha Tilaar announced on campus is no longer a baby sitter, but as a beauty expert on call to serve beauty. Calls flooded Martha Tilaar new business. In 1972, after returning from America, his parents' garage narrow, transformed into a beauty salon with the name Martha's Salon. Martha Tilaar introduce mixed traditional herbal medicine alone in salonnya and he as a guinea pig. Proved fruitless. As he waited for the birth of her baby, abruptly canceled his partner cooperation, expressed out to establish their own business. These bitter memories, he was grateful to "God is great. I have a baby, but my efforts failed ". But from this failure, Martha change a success it is today. Even Matha Tilaar is the only woman in Indonesia who John Naisbitt in his book "Megatrends Asia".

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