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Most people assume that building the first brand to use large-scale advertising. Facts prove was that companies have been legendary world of brand building for the first time using public relations (public relations). Public relations involves a variety of programs designed to promote and / or maintain the company image or products. Advertising is needed to maintain the brand to not die, but not to build a brand for the first time.

Public Relations Microsoft uses when it launched its new operating system Windows 95. Windows 95 is not actually a completely new product, but it makes Windows 95 is very easy to use as well as Macintosh. His appearance on August 24, 1995 was a tumultuous day for Windows 95. The Wall Street Journal estimates that 3000 cover story, 6852 story and over 3,000,000 words devoted to Windows 95 from July 1 until August 24. Microsoft teams around the world to do publicity to attract attention. Windows 95 banner hoisted by 600 feet from the Toronto CN tower. Sprinkle red, yellow and green of the Windows 95 logo on the Empire State Building in New York. Paying The London Times's to distribute free of charge all the daily publications, 1.5 million copies to the public. When Windows 95 is sold at 90 dollars, thousands of people lining up to buy it. At the end of the first week, sales in the United States alone reached 108 million dollars. Microsoft to pay 220 million dollars for the Public Relations. Why does Bill Gates spend so much for Public Relations?. There are two possible reasons. First, worry about the defects found in earlier versions of the operating system, computer users may be reluctant to buy it. Microsoft wants to overcome this reluctance. Second, Apple Computer quickly reduce the price of the computer in hopes of selling more Macintosh computers before Windows 95 is similar to the Macintosh operating system on the market. Microsoft wants to stem the flow of Macintosh sales by selling as many Windows 95 packages in the shortest possible time.

Anita Roddick built The Body Shop is a brand of the world without advertising, but do Public Relations all over the world tirelessly to introduce the product. Wal-Mart as the most spectacular corporate world, only slightly out ads. Similarly, Intel, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, Sun Microsystems created the first time in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune, by publicity, not advertising premises. We also started Primagama, IMKI, STMIK AMIKOM, PT Time Excellindo, PT. Vision Surya Mataram, PT Radio MQ FM, PT. GITS, AMIKOM.NET, AMIKOM Traning Center, and by using the Public

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