Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

White Goat

Many people, when experiencing failure in open and run a business, there is a tendency to blame the environment, blaming subordinates, blaming rival, blaming everything associated with the failures. We prefer to fill like goat others than to self-correct our mistakes and improve what we do, and with hard work trying to bounce back. The failure of a lesson used to see the positive side of failure.

Steve Jobs, when thrown from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) rather than blaming Apple corporate environment, which he co-founded. "Put all the power, the new company set up a more sophisticated" said Steve Jobs. He founded the company Inc. NeXTSTEP. The man who just graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. Jobs only lasted one semester at the College of Oregon. Besides, Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas in 1986. This animation studio Jobs in hand after producing some of the other software Reyes (Render Everything You Ever Saw), CAPS (with Disney), Marionette and the Ringmaster. With Marionette, enabling animators create models and characters, and can add optical effects and lighting. While Ringmaster, allows to manage the production of computer animation projects. Almost all of Pixar's software Snatch Technical Academy Award (Oscar) in the field of filmmaking. In collaboration with Disney Toy Story successfully launched, which became the best-selling movie in 1995. Followed Bug's Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters Inc.. (2001), and Finding Nemo (2003). Successful films made by Pixar, Steve Jobs is making to persuade Apple to acquire NeXTSTEP worth U.S. $ 400 million and raised as CEO adinterim. After successfully doing business for the new iPod and iTunes consumer electronics to retail, making Apple the Nasdaq shot from U.S. $ 13 to U.S. $ 22, within 10 months until early February 2004, which makes Steve Jobs as CEO with the highest salary in California. Apple shares (6.2%) and Pixar (55%) which has made Steve Jobs has a wealth of U.S. $ 2.5 billion.

Steve Jobs when he was deposed from the CEO, he does not hurt to Apple, he remained loyal to Apple, even later on instead to build Apple's rise from adversity. Steve Jobs put all the power, the new company set up a more sophisticated, not to scapegoat the environment or other words he did the white goat to the environment.

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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009


Segmentation of the professional community is a community formed to support the professional communication and exchange of valuable work or research related information. For example Analog Devices (www.analog.com) creating a community on-line access of the chip design engineer to technical experts. Linux Documentation Project (www.linuxdoc.org) collecting articles about various linux-related.

Tom's Hardware (www.tomshardware.com) provides information about your computer hardware perangakat, starting from the motherboard to the hard drive. Tom's hardware components pushed Personal Computer (PC) to the limits. Another facility is to help uncover Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Bug chipset. Also became the first in a new processor overclock and help to test the motherboard, graphics card, or RAM. For professionals in the field of photography available site Ofoto (www.ofoto.com). Professionals can obtain the software free photo, get free shipping cost for the first order, are able to provide photos, store photos and perfecting images online.


Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Community relations

Community relations is a community organized around the experience of life. For example cancer forum is a forum that contains exchange of information and opinions about the cancer disease (www.cancerforum.com). Moreover Cancer Forum sell and rent domain name related to health. The categories that domain names such as Alzheimers, Arthritis, Asthma, Birth Control, Cancer, Dentistry, Diet, Disease, Drugs, Eye, Fitness, Footcare, Forums, Genetics, Haircare, Heart, Hospitals, Legal, Media, Medicare, Medicine , Non-Home, Pediatrics, Pet / Enimal, Physicians, Resources, Skincare, Specialties, Vaccines and Viruses.

Parent Soup is a forum of sports information for parents and can visit the SeniorNet, Women's Wire and iVillage, which is on-line community known for women. Community relations African-American descent on Bet.com, community relations in Latin www.elsitio.com address community relations and Asian American-occupied www.click2asia.com address. Community relations people with disabilities address at www.wemedia.com.

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Minggu, 13 Desember 2009


Segmentation transaction community is a community that gives trading facility. Members include buyers, sellers, intermediaries, and so on. Companies that perform segmentation by this transaction communities, among others, Yahoo Shopping, Amazon, MSN Home Advisor and Wizard.

The members of the community of Yahoo Shopping can shop with four ways, namely "Shopping", "Used", "Auctions" and "Classified". Yahoo Shopping at some companies installing banners, among other companies, Dell, Spiegel, Bobbi Brown, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, LLBean, FTD, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Compaq, CDNow, Bluelight, Gateway and Intel. E-commerce site from Yahoo Shopping shown by the picture 2:22.

Amazon.com is the best online store in 2002, according to the magazine version of Yahoo. Amazon provides a variety of products, from beauty products, health, trave., Books, VCDs, DVDs, magazines, music, electronic goods, toys, dolls, housewares, gifts, and so on. Communities of the Amazon was getting cut in the shopping and free shipping.

Suppliers games like elketronik www.wizards.com create community whose members can chat, business cards, and discuss the tournament.

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Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009


In addition to community-based, market segmentation can also Pesonify market segmentation according to the Web can be categorized based on their behavior as Comfort creatures, Connected suites, Country Clubbers, Credit Checkers, Details divers, Electron, Explorer, Gear heads, geeks, Gift Boxer, Knowledge wokers, Novices , Surgical shoppers and Looks-Loos

Comfort-oriented creatures feelings. They want to know if certain colors are offered, or design offers an ergonomic chair with a particular skin type. Connected suites used in the Net environment, and find a lot of data in a short time, several times a day, and always use a sophisticated search features, tends to be a good customer. Country Clubbers: the buyer on the status-oriented, they were driving BMW and branded bags and find discount to branded goods. Credit Checkers is a young buyers who have feared the credit balance and tend to come from the site where the young child, and tend to spend their credit cards. Details divers are visitors who want to know how something works. They looky-looks like but also can serve to suggest a purchase, although not providing a final decision. They tend to come during working hours, and from search engines technically oriented.

Another segmentation Electron. These visitors tend to move rapidly to all parts of the site without a clear path, and has a broad interest. Maybe they belong to a multi-tasking or without a focused mind. They buy the product but not the same product consistently. Explorer is a visitor who does not leave a site before visiting all parts. Love the merchandise and promotions, product reviews, recommendations. Please note, maybe they belong to pensioners, children, or employees who have too much time. Gear heads is the visitors who tend to be not very interested in the technology of a product but rather to gizmo (device) is another new trendy, or a rare product. This type is a potential customer can be offered if appropriately.

Geeks are those who frequently use the Web and are always more than his colleagues. They should be given a special offer, or they will turn to a direct source offline. Gift Boxers are those who shop online for others, for example for a gift. Their shopping behavior is not consistent, with their shopping history. Knowledge wokers are sites that collect user information for use in their work. Novices are those who are less knowledgeable, but very enthusiastic. These users, often the very good customer. They will love the site, because they can ask the stupid questions without fear of embarrassment. Surgical shoppers are those who know exactly what they want. And want the buying process is done by small steps might be. Give what they want and they will come again. Looks-Loos whereas those who are only interested in the attractive banner, and clicking, but they did not last long. Happy hunting customers on the Internet.

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Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

STRATEGY Turned Bowl

A powerful weapon to step ladders business is a positive mental attitude. There are several strategies to keep a person a positive mental attitude. One of these is the strategy turned bowl. Strategy is a strategy of turning a bowl to see a negative event from the positive side. When you go to college or to work with motorcycle riding, all of a sudden your bike tires hit the nail, so flat that cause you can not continue to college or to work or maybe you'll be late. If you use a reverse strategy bowl, then you can still say "fortunately my bike hit the nail, if not hit a nail, I might even kesruduk bus". With this strategy you will be trained over time and you'll stay awake in a positive mental attitude.

When I would buy land in the village Kronggahan for STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta area of 1000 square meters of land to complete the next order to reach 5000 square meters. Landowners have signed the agreement on price and payment of materei. But the owner of the land, break her promise with stalling and raising prices, so I am irritated Vice. "If he's a man, I would smack" he said. I tried to assuage kemarakan him, then I say the while to comfort "Mr. I'm too upset, but you try to find the ground again, maybe God will provide something better for AMIKOM". A week later I was Vice deliver the news to me, that there is land next to the building AMIKOM offered at a price of Rp. 275.000, with a broad-approximately 6000 square meters. "Do not you sir, God shows us what is best for" my comments.

Similarly, when Mr. Purdi the homeowner on the street Captain Tendean 25 Yogyakarta, told to move all the items in the house, because after 3 three-month contract has not been able mebayar room 8 mx 4 m is only 25.000, - per month . Then Mr. Purdi menceriterkan to me when we were told to move by the owner of the house and were only given a week's time. "God willing, there are lesson" I replied with a consolation. In fact it was the only sentence I can say, because no other sentence. Apparently this is the beginning of the journey tonggal Primagama. We like whipped, to run faster to achieve success. I and Mr. Purdi finally decided take advantage of a week to share the brochure to all high schools in Yogyakarta. The result we get the money USD. 50.000, - and get a new rental house that is better than the old Take advantage of every event is a strategy that turned the bowl is one way to keep a positive mental attitude.

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Kamis, 10 Desember 2009


You have a good business idea, but do not have the capital, then you can still start a business with capital cooperation. You have a close friend or close relation who believe in you, then you can contact them and convince them to get capital support. The advantage of these efforts can be divided into two or in accordance with the agreement. The more you involve them, the greater the level of trust in you, which also means greater capital investment in your business that path with them. To do this strategy, you start from the closest and most believe in you. After that new to those more distant or relatively less confidence in you. Honesty is the most important thing in starting a business with capital cooperation. Openness and fairness must be upheld so that they believe in you. The trust they give to you, like they are saving. From little by little for a long time will be a big savings. Similarly confidence, little by little more confidence in you.

When I met one of his close friends, he immediately offered me to become a computer dealer Epson. My friend was at that time as a sales representative Metrodata. "You want to sell computer Med Epson?" My friend asked. Med is my nickname in high school I Madiun. "I do not have the capital" I replied. "It does not need capital. Simply you Epson's computer display. Then after the computer new behavior you pay. I give two-month grace period "my friend said. "All right. I will try to Epson computer sales "I agreed. Why are my friends believe me?. Because my friend was in high school when I Madiun bench, going to school together. If I ride go out him, then turns her back home my bum. I bought meatballs and ice together, if I who have money, so my pay, otherwise when he had money, he is paying. When I was sick, I lay down in his house, while he left the school itself. I often eat at his house and learn together. I often entertain his brother with conjuring tricks. I often talked with his parents. I never borrowed the money with him to pay my tuition and repay the loans in accordance with my promise. I am very fortunate to be close friends trust me. My friend is named Agus Widodo Honggo, now he as a Director of PT. Metrodata. You can try to start a business with capital cooperation through your closest friends.

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Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Dream Market

Eight of the ten world's richest people under the age of 40 years, called the market utilizing the Internet. There are several reasons why the companies they target the Internet market. First of all, the television audience began to migrate to the Internet. Since they moved the advertising media must be followed, with the assumption that any marketer's goal is to reach its target audience effectively and efficiently.

Marketers recognize that they must make adjustments to its marketing plan to pursue a continued increase in the number of people who spend time in front of online media, often with leaves and other media. Second, to target the Internet market with ads that can be updated at any time with minimal cost: because the ads on the internet always look new. Third, the Internet market can reach potential buyers in a very large number in the global count. Fourth, the cost of online advertising is sometimes more expensive than television advertising, newspaper, or radio. Media advertising latter becomes more expensive because it is determined by the space will be used, how many days (time for) the ad will be loaded, and on how many television stations and local or national newspaper ad will be posted. Fifth, advertising on the internet can efficiently use the convergence of text, audio, graphics, and animation. Sixth, the Internet itself is growing rapidly. Seventh, you can create an interactive advertising and targeted on specific groups and / or individuals. Research conducted in the fall of 1996 found that three-quarters of users of personal computers (PCs) will leave the television and spend time in front of their computers. The displacement of the amount of television that look very impressive. In addition to this fact is that Internet users are educated people and have very high incomes, so the logical if manjadi concluded that Internet explorer is a target that was envisioned by the marketers.

Beginning in 1998, this characteristic has convinced a large company that produces everything needed for consumers to start shifting advertising budgets from traditional media to Internet advertising. Toyota made a real example of the Internet so powerful. Saatchi and Saatchi, a leading advertising agency, developing Web sites for Toyota (www.toyota.com) and place banner ads on a very interesting popular sites, such as www.espn.com. Within one year, the site can be done to match the sales of Toyota's sales 800 other sources.

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Senin, 07 Desember 2009


Failure is a label that often we associate with an action that did not work and so applied, the label is making us say that is not capable. This decreases our enthusiasm to become a successful person. By the time we were little, failure has no meaning, because we do not have the concept of "failure".

If we have the concept of failure, then we will not be able to speak, will not be able to write and not be able to walk. Because to speak, write and walk to the failure of countless. Likewise in the business world can also mimic our failure in childhood and we can learn from the failures. Coca-Cola had failed in the first year sales. Sales conducted by placing the Coca-Cola in the beverage in the pharmacy and 73.96 dollars spent to promote through banner ads and coupons. Failure to make Coca-Cola create awareness of other media, the mass media has more power when compared to other media and promote Coca-Cola with the atmosphere of joy. Matsushita to produce for the first time is a plug adapter. This adapter has actually proposed to the previous employer but did not receive a response. To create this product, along with four companions Matsushita took four months. After this product so no one was going to buy this product.

In 1993, Compaq which at the time as leader of the PC sales market, put through a price cut to compete with Dell. The result of Dell Computer loses 65 million dollars in the first six months, which caused nearly bankrupt. Dell learned from this failure. He tried to find other ways to sell computers. Finally, Dell made a very fundamental change in business process reengineering called. in business with the introduction of E-Commerce. In 1999, Dell can sell 1.7 million dollars per day on the website E-Commercnya. Dell shares rose 2000 percent in two years. Dell can compete with world class companies such as IBM, Compaq, HP, and Bell-Nec. Even the market share and profits continue to rise and eventually became the largest PC seller in the world.

When I started the business with friends, sayapun repeated failure again. I started with the failure of a Salesman Book, telex Salesman by phone, and car salesmen pengkilap materials. Primagama who only got 2 students in this campaign has done a fairly intense. CV. Wijaya, the company that serves the car care services that eventually die. Similarly, business start computer education center "IMKI", just get AMIKOM 3 students and trusted by only 6 students. I'm with my friends trying to learn from failure, then make corrections and improve to try for success

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Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Hear Your Wife

Walt Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He started to love drawing and art set to work at 7 years old. He was also very interested in photography. As a teenager he went to school in the afternoon and went to the Academy of Art at night. When World War I broke out, he tried to join the army, but still too young. So he placed in the Red Cross, because of his age and was sent to abroad by riding the ambulance which was decorated with cartoon characters.

When finished the war, Walt Elias Disney's venture into Hollywood with the ability to draw and $ 40. He started the business with his brother to make an animated film and quickly became famous in Hollywood. In 1920, Disney moved to Kansas City, he worked as an animator Ub Iwerks. Company where he worked, the Laugh O Gram Company went bankrupt. In 1923, he left Kansas City to Los Angeles to find work in the movie business. At first unsuccessful, and he remained determined to stay in Los Angeles rent a camera, build an animation stand and made a studio in his uncle's garage. He started the business with his brother Roy. Alice first film did not make the company look up, so does the film both Oswald the Rabbit, which was launched in 1927 pad. The failure turned into success after the rat made by listening to his wife's advice.

"I hope never to ignore that all of this started with a mouse", said Walt Disney in the late years of his life. Told at one time early in his career, Disney's family friendly with a mouse in his office. Rats often appeared on the drawing board to produce inspiration. An impressive story. The fact that the mice that question started life as Mortimer Mouse. Walt Disney's wife, Lilly does not agree with that name and suggested instead Micky. Walt heard. Is just to please his wife or in his heart Walt Disney also admitted that Micky is a name that is ideal for launching a business empire, no one knows. Micky's name is a name that is more friendly and more informal, which has a relationship with ordinary people.
Pada1928, Mickey Mouse was created and made appearances in the cartoon world for the first time using voice .. On December 21, 1937, animated by the first special music, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was introduced in Los Angeles. Was made at a cost of over one million dollars, which is a lot of money. Over five years later, Walt Disney produced, animated classics such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi.

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Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

the importance of a commitment

According to Daniel Goleman, the ability to boost the motivation of achievement, commitment, initiative and optimism. Commitments are aligning themselves with the target groups and institutions or the community. People with this ability will be ready to make sacrifices for the fulfillment of the target institutions or communities is more important, encouragement to feel in a larger mission, using the values which are based on conscience in making decisions and implement the choices and actively seek opportunities to meet mission group or community.

Rachel Carson has struggled to maintain its commitment, after he discovered in his research that pesticides can damage the environment. Finally, he published a book entitled Silent Spring. Carson realized that his book would give rise to controversy, but he was with his commitment to save the environment remain firm in his stance. In the book called Carson held a serious public debate about the huge losses to be borne by nature a very loved and talked with great confidence about how fragile state of all living creatures, including humans, due to the use of DDT and chemicals other more toxic. Carson opposed by the agricultural industry, a massive campaign to discredit a warning. Nevertheless he kept his commitment to save the environment. Finally, President John F. Kennedy was impressed by the book and re-ordered study of the Federal pesticide policy. In 1963, the advisory body president for scientific affairs supported the establishment of Carson. Now people recognize that the idea of supporting a modern environment with the emergence of Company Social Responsibility, begins with the publication of the book Silent Spring. "A thousand words from him, then the world took a new direction" said one editor of the book. "Once the enormity of the power of purpose in life is supported by the emotional commitment" wrote Cooper and Sawaf the Executive EQ.

What did Rachel Carson is put all the talent and energy with the purpose of life with a strong motivation or emotional commitment. "There is no great work in the world has ever happened without morale boost" said the German philosopher, Hegel. The leaders and executives must realize that the motivation proved to be more important than intellectual or technical skills. However that move the motivation is not the head, but heart. "Truly in the body of Adam's son is a piece of meat. If he was good, then let the whole body, and members of other bodies will make it better. He is the heart "as the word of the Prophet Muhammad. Liver is the leader, should follow the guiding commitment, while the other limbs are the people who must obey their leaders.

M. Suyanto