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the importance of a commitment

According to Daniel Goleman, the ability to boost the motivation of achievement, commitment, initiative and optimism. Commitments are aligning themselves with the target groups and institutions or the community. People with this ability will be ready to make sacrifices for the fulfillment of the target institutions or communities is more important, encouragement to feel in a larger mission, using the values which are based on conscience in making decisions and implement the choices and actively seek opportunities to meet mission group or community.

Rachel Carson has struggled to maintain its commitment, after he discovered in his research that pesticides can damage the environment. Finally, he published a book entitled Silent Spring. Carson realized that his book would give rise to controversy, but he was with his commitment to save the environment remain firm in his stance. In the book called Carson held a serious public debate about the huge losses to be borne by nature a very loved and talked with great confidence about how fragile state of all living creatures, including humans, due to the use of DDT and chemicals other more toxic. Carson opposed by the agricultural industry, a massive campaign to discredit a warning. Nevertheless he kept his commitment to save the environment. Finally, President John F. Kennedy was impressed by the book and re-ordered study of the Federal pesticide policy. In 1963, the advisory body president for scientific affairs supported the establishment of Carson. Now people recognize that the idea of supporting a modern environment with the emergence of Company Social Responsibility, begins with the publication of the book Silent Spring. "A thousand words from him, then the world took a new direction" said one editor of the book. "Once the enormity of the power of purpose in life is supported by the emotional commitment" wrote Cooper and Sawaf the Executive EQ.

What did Rachel Carson is put all the talent and energy with the purpose of life with a strong motivation or emotional commitment. "There is no great work in the world has ever happened without morale boost" said the German philosopher, Hegel. The leaders and executives must realize that the motivation proved to be more important than intellectual or technical skills. However that move the motivation is not the head, but heart. "Truly in the body of Adam's son is a piece of meat. If he was good, then let the whole body, and members of other bodies will make it better. He is the heart "as the word of the Prophet Muhammad. Liver is the leader, should follow the guiding commitment, while the other limbs are the people who must obey their leaders.

M. Suyanto

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