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Segmentation of the professional community is a community formed to support the professional communication and exchange of valuable work or research related information. For example Analog Devices ( creating a community on-line access of the chip design engineer to technical experts. Linux Documentation Project ( collecting articles about various linux-related.

Tom's Hardware ( provides information about your computer hardware perangakat, starting from the motherboard to the hard drive. Tom's hardware components pushed Personal Computer (PC) to the limits. Another facility is to help uncover Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Bug chipset. Also became the first in a new processor overclock and help to test the motherboard, graphics card, or RAM. For professionals in the field of photography available site Ofoto ( Professionals can obtain the software free photo, get free shipping cost for the first order, are able to provide photos, store photos and perfecting images online.

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This may be advantageous because Segmentation professional community is a community that was formed to support professional communication and exchange valuable work or research information specifically tasked.
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