Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

STRATEGY Turned Bowl

A powerful weapon to step ladders business is a positive mental attitude. There are several strategies to keep a person a positive mental attitude. One of these is the strategy turned bowl. Strategy is a strategy of turning a bowl to see a negative event from the positive side. When you go to college or to work with motorcycle riding, all of a sudden your bike tires hit the nail, so flat that cause you can not continue to college or to work or maybe you'll be late. If you use a reverse strategy bowl, then you can still say "fortunately my bike hit the nail, if not hit a nail, I might even kesruduk bus". With this strategy you will be trained over time and you'll stay awake in a positive mental attitude.

When I would buy land in the village Kronggahan for STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta area of 1000 square meters of land to complete the next order to reach 5000 square meters. Landowners have signed the agreement on price and payment of materei. But the owner of the land, break her promise with stalling and raising prices, so I am irritated Vice. "If he's a man, I would smack" he said. I tried to assuage kemarakan him, then I say the while to comfort "Mr. I'm too upset, but you try to find the ground again, maybe God will provide something better for AMIKOM". A week later I was Vice deliver the news to me, that there is land next to the building AMIKOM offered at a price of Rp. 275.000, with a broad-approximately 6000 square meters. "Do not you sir, God shows us what is best for" my comments.

Similarly, when Mr. Purdi the homeowner on the street Captain Tendean 25 Yogyakarta, told to move all the items in the house, because after 3 three-month contract has not been able mebayar room 8 mx 4 m is only 25.000, - per month . Then Mr. Purdi menceriterkan to me when we were told to move by the owner of the house and were only given a week's time. "God willing, there are lesson" I replied with a consolation. In fact it was the only sentence I can say, because no other sentence. Apparently this is the beginning of the journey tonggal Primagama. We like whipped, to run faster to achieve success. I and Mr. Purdi finally decided take advantage of a week to share the brochure to all high schools in Yogyakarta. The result we get the money USD. 50.000, - and get a new rental house that is better than the old Take advantage of every event is a strategy that turned the bowl is one way to keep a positive mental attitude.

M. Suyanto

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